Jurnal Arădean

The Jurnal Arădean daily paper gets to the subscribers early morning due to the own distribution networks and with the help of the post. Within the own network, in Arad county we have 24 press distributors, people who make it possible for the subscribers to have the Jurnal Arădean in the mail boxes early morning.

We have a well-developed network, mainly in Arad city. In the county we have carriers on each routes that take the daily papers to the locations where our subscribers live.

The distributors are very important for us because they are the ones who maintain the relationship between subscriber and newspaper, and they are the ones who increase the number of subscribers. Moreover, they bring the new subscribers too.

In the near future, we wish to have another help, the new colleagues from the call center department, who could help us increase the number of subscribers to printed and digital newspaper.

Besides all these, there is a web shop where you can subscribe online for Jurnal Arădean, either for the printed or digital version. The advantage of online subscription is to get the news of different areas early night.

All readers should feel free to turn to us with any problems, complaints, suggestions etc. by phone, e-mail or in person.


Phone: 0257/212–032

Head of distribution:

Cristian Sulințan

Telefon: 0720–400–350

E-mail:  cristian.sulintan@informmedia.ro

Digital newspapers:

Phone: 0735–556–546

E-mail:  teodora.avram@informmedia.ro

Online subscription payment: