Inform Media has got the biggest cold-set offset typography of the region. Besides the daily papers and own products, it satisfies external orders too.


We have 3 high-performance Polaris 100 CTP systems that offer the printing circuit boards. In order to support ecological functioning too, we work on these Polaris systems with AGFA circuit boards without any chemicals.  The AGFA Harlequin system offers clearer, more precise colors, which is important even for our partners in the field of advertising. The AGFA Arkitex workflow printing system follows the whole production process from the PDF until the execution of the circuit boards, assuring permanent efficiency and control. Data are communicated broadband.


The UNIMAN4/2S and UNIMAN4/4S systems assure the production of 100.000 copies per hour. To avoid the complains of our partners, the UNIMAN4/4S system is equipped with a preproduction software of the latest generation. The device has got a stapling line, which helps this way in the production of the orders.


The newspapers are processed at distribution: numbered and packed. We can cut the products to the size requested by the contractor with a performance of 70.000 copies per hour. This is the speed of the printing house. On the stapling line for the products that have more than 64 pages we use a different device, a Müller Martini Presto. We process the A/5 products here.

Inform Media printing

The typography of Debrecen has about 50 employees. It is a modern typography, built for daily papers and cold-sets, it processes the internal and external orders in high quality.

Company policy

The company and all the employees are responsible for offering high quality services to all clients by respecting the ecological norms, improving performance and conforming to the legal environment.

Printing manager:

Dubóczki Tibor

Phone: +36 (52) 999-090

Fax: +36 (52) 526-615

Mobile: +36 (20) 958-9904

Email: tibor.duboczki@inform.hu

Technical manager:

Boros János

Phone: +36 (52) 526-626/1047

Mobile: +36 (20) 599-51-19

Email: janos.boros@inform.hu


Varga Sándor

Fax: +36 (52) 526-615

Mobile: +36 (20) 958 9900

Email: sandor.varga@inform.hu


GPS coordinate : 47.543282, 21.583699

4031 Debrecen, str. Balmazújvárosi 11.

Phone: +36(52) 999-090

Fax: +36(52) 526-615