Publi Tim

The Publi Tim is a well-known brand, it is the most comprehensive advertising newspaper in the western country. There is no person from Banat that has never used this weekly paper to sell or buy some goods, to find a craftsman or to see what’s new on the regional job market.

The Publi Tim appears in a compact format, it has got 56–88 pages, half of them are colorful and it contains about 3.000 classified and display advertisings per week. Due to its format, it is easy to use, the pages are realized with a modern design.

To make it possible for the reader to find the information easily, the Publi Tim has got a clear structure along the sections, each with sub section, according to the areas of interest: real estates, job vacancies, constructions, tourism, car and miscellaneous.

The Publi Tim is a politically and economically unbiased weekly publication.

It has got 6.000 copies per week, which are distributed in Timiș, Arad, Hunedoara and Caraș-Severin counties.

Since Publi Tim is a publication highly praised by the advertising clients, it has developed two additions, which appear weekly too, called Publi Tim Plus and Publi Tim Rural.

Address: Punct de lucru Timișoara, Piața I.C. Brătianu, nr. 1., parter (în față la tribunal)

Product director:

Anca Pavel Bucșa


Classified and display advertising, distribution:

Phone: 0040–256–221–549, 0040–256–435–924

Fax: 0040–256–498–520