Publi Tim Rural


Publi Tim Rural is the newest publication of the portfolio, which is a weekly addition of the Publi Tim newspaper that appeared as a result of great demand on the labor force market. The weekly paper focuses on those companies that wish to publish available job vacancies, and on those who want to promote certain services or products in the rural area of Timișoara.

The publication appears in A4 format, it has got 8–12 color pages and it includes classified and display advertisings and hiring.

The Publi Tim Plus is distributed for free into the mail boxes of the neighboring locations: Ghiroda, Giarmata, Giroc, Chișoda, Șag, Parța, Dudeștii Noi, Moșnița Nouă, Moșnița Veche, Urseni, Albina, Remetea, Săcălaz, Sânandrei, Covaci, Sânmihaiu Român, Sânmihaiu German, Utvin, Dumbrăvița. Distribution is done in a targeted way.

From 2017 the publications of the portfolio (Agenda, Publi Tim and create business magazines dedicated to the most developed areas of Timiș. The first ones that have appeared were based on real estates, businesses and IT Com, which were well received by the local business environment. The magazines have got A4 format, full color, modern design and are printed in special conditions. These magazines are distributed for free in the areas close to the domain to which they refer.

Product director:

Anca Pavel Bucșa


Classified and display advertising, distribution:

Phone: 0040–256–221–549, 0040–256–435–924

Fax: 0040–256–498–520