The Agenda is a brand, a regional weekly publication with more than 26 years tradition in the western part of the country, which presents a valuable and accurate source of information to the readers interested in the latest news of the local community and of the world.

The weekly paper appears in a compact, accessible and easy to read format, it has got 64 pages/edition, full color. Due to the modern design, you can find the searched news in short time.

The information found in each edition includes a large variety of areas: local news, national and international, sports, entertainment, games, competitions, TV programs, all structured in thematic pages. It rather contains local news that reflect the life of the western communities in all aspects: administration, economic and social problems, cultural and sports life.

The weekly paper has introduced a novelty in the press of the western country, materials (interviews, reports) together with videos that can be followed via mobile phones by using the QR Code application.

The Agenda is a weekly paper that is politically and economically unbiased, and the information contained in it is verified, accurate and prompt.

The publication appears in 8.000 copies per week, from which 1.000 copies are distributed to subscribers. The rest of the print run is sold via our own distribution network. The Agenda is distributed in Timiș, Arad and Caraș-Severin counties.

Besides weekly publication, the Agenda creates thematic additions too, which are inserted in the newspaper and offered for free to all readers. These additions bring plus information and give the collaborating companies the possibility to make their products and services more well-known.

Each year, at the beginning of December, the Agenda creates a magazine with more than 170 pages, called Almanah Agenda with a diverse content, adapted to all ages of readers.

Product director:

Anca Pavel Bucșa


Editor in chief:

Nicoleta Popescu


Classified and display advertising, distribution:

Phone: 0040–256–221–549, 0040–256–435–924

Fax: 0040–256–498–520