Jurnal Bihorean

The Jurnal Bihorean daily newspaper has first appeared on 1 September 1993. It was born right after the revolution, it was continuously growing and it took deep roots in the community of Bihor county.

The Jurnal Bihorean is a recognized daily newspaper in Oradea and Bihar county, it is the most widely spread paper in the county.

It has earned its place in the everyday life of the people of Bihor county by its unbiased attitude, accuracy, speed and complex content that focuses on the problems of the community. The articles of general interest are found on its pages dedicated to different areas: social, economic, cultural and sports. The Jurnal Bihorean is a place where public opinion can be expressed by the readers’ letters, opinion polls, photos. Due to its exclusive topics, the people of Bihor county are interested in Jurnal Bihorean.

Since 2015 the readers can enjoy the digital edition of the newspaper, which offers extra photo galleries and the possibility to read on any device what is new in Oradea and Bihor county: tablet, laptop, smart phone or PC.

The Jurnal Bihorean is active on Facebook and Twitter social networks too, it has real time connection with its readers and answers immediately to their problems.

Editor in chief:

Teodor Biriș

E-mail: teodor.biris@informmedia.ro

Sales director:

Andrada Buhaş

E-mail: andrada.buhas@informmedia.ro

Head of distribution services:

Carmen Csordas

E-mail: carmen.csordas@informmedia.ro

Address of editorial office: Oradea, Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 34, jud. Bihor