Jurnal Arădean

The Jurnal Arădean appeared in Arad, in the fall of 2005, after the local newspaper with several decades tradition on the local market, called “Adevărul” had been taken over.

The Jurnal Arădean is a Romanian language daily newspaper, it is a market leader regarding local printed media and it is recognized in Arad city and in the county.

It is published on a daily basis: from Monday to Friday and it has got 12, 16 and 20 pages/edition. It has got a complex content aimed at the problems of the community: local news, national and international, of general interest, pages dedicated to socio-economic areas, health, education, news, local events, sports, culinary, classified and display advertising, competitions with prizes for the subscribers. The Jurnal Arădean is a place where public opinion can be expressed by the readers’ letters, opinion polls and materials based on observations obtained from the readers.

How much is the print run of Jurnal Arădean? The average print run is 13,105 copies per day, from which 12,737 copies are sold each day for five days per week. Due to this print run, audited by BRAT, in October – December 2016, the Jurnal Arădean became the first local daily newspaper in the country and the third on national level even though it is not distributed in the whole country. It is distributed by the post and by our own distribution network. The Jurnal Arădean is put in the mail boxes of the subscribers every morning!

The Jurnal Arădean is politically and economically free, it is remarkable for being unbiased.

The Jurnal Arădean is present on the market as a media product and as an active partner of cultural, marketing and business events of Arad county. It is always implied in the problems of the community, it is present at all the important events as a media partner. It supports the cultural, economic and sports initiatives of general interest.

Editor in chief:

Barbu Adriana

E-mail: adriana.barbu@informmedia.ro

Head of distribution:

Sulinţan Cristian

E-mail: cristian.sulintan@informmedia.ro

Head of advertising:

Sulinţan Cristian

E-mail: cristian.sulintan@informmedia.ro

Address of editorial office: Arad, Bulevardul Revoluţiei, nr. 62, ap. 22, jud. Arad