Bihari Napló

The Bihari Napló is a Hungarian language daily paper, which has the highest print run in Bihor county and which informs the citizens of the region and provides the possibility for them to express their opinion and it is not related to any organizations or political parties.

The daily paper appears five times a week, it has 12-16-20 pages, and half of these pages are colorful. Friday the readers of this paper get a colorful addition to the paper with TV guides. Periodically, the newspaper contains thematic and colorful additions, distributed for free together with the newspaper.

The Bihari Napló is edited by SC Inform Media Press SRL. The average daily print run is about 10000 copies, the number of subscribers is 9000. Subscription based dissemination is performed via our own network and to a small extent via the post. Free sale is performed by private distributors.

Let’s see some details now.

Bihari Napló is a local daily newspaper, market leader in Oradea and in Bihor county. It is published on a daily basis: from Monday to Friday and it has got 12-16 and 20 pages/edition.

Since on Friday it is distributed with the TV addition, its print run is up to 15% higher on this day.

Bihari Napló has got a complex content from different areas of general interest: local news, national and international, pages dedicated to socio-economic areas (health, education, news, local events, sports); classified and display advertising, competitions with prizes for the subscribers, monthly additions of different areas. This newspaper is a place where public opinion can be expressed by the readers’ letters, opinion polls, readers’ photos, and it is always close to the readers.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: The Bihari Napló has an audience for sure and it provides the largest market share of your potential clients obtained from printed media in Bihor county!

It contains the highest number of up-to-date classified ads and employment ads.

Editor in chief:

Kristály Lehel


Sales director:

Andrada Buhaş


Head of distribution services:

Carmen Csordás


Address of editorial office: Oradea, Bulevardul Dacia, nr. 34, jud. Bihor