• The Jurnal Bihorean Plus each Friday

    The Jurnal Bihorean Plus is an addition to the Jurnal Bihorean and it is meant for companies that want to advertise their vacant jobs available in the rural area of Oradea, and for those who are looking for a job.

    It appears each week, on Friday and it is distributed in 4000 copies into the mailboxes in Sântandrei, Borș, Sântion, Santău, Episcopia, Biharia, Săldăbagiu de munte, Paleu, Cetariu, Oșorhei, Fughiu, Săbolciu, Săcădat, Sînmartin, Hidișelul de Sus, Giriș, Nojorid. (Distribution is done according to targets, in sectors, NOT in residential areas). It includes articles of general interest for the rural area and job offers.