Inform Media is present in Romania since 2001.

Let’s see the main stages that Inform Media experienced in Romania:


– 2001

Bihari Napló (print run 12.000)
Jurnal Bihorean (print run 8.000)
Restructuring of the companies in Romania

– 2002

May – Launching the internet dial-up service in several counties – 1000 partners
October – At Miskolc the Romania Call Center is opened
At Oradea the transformation of the daily papers is finished.
At Oradea the offices are rearranged and the technical base is completely renewed

– 2003

17 April – at Timişoara the Bănăţean Journal is launched. (number of subscribers at the end of 2003: 1600)
The editorial staff of the Bănăţean Journal daily paper includes 20 journalists
The construction of the typography starts at Timişoara
The weekly free magazine, the Pont is launched at Timişoara too
October – the daily paper of Reşiţa, called Timp, is purchased
The editorial staff of the Timp daily paper includes 13 journalists
The purchase of other daily papers and weekly magazines is planned

– 2004

June – The daily paper of Deva, called Cuvântul Liber is purchased
The editorial staff of the Cuvântul Liber daily paper includes 14 journalists
July – The Hungarian language daily paper of Satu Mare, called Szatmári Friss Újság is purchased
July – All the IM Romania daily papers are printed in colors at the Timişoara typography
October – A Service Center is opened at Oradea
November – At Deva new editorial offices are opened
November – The new headquarter of the Inform Media is inaugurated at Oradea
The purchase of other daily and weekly papers is planned

– 2005

Two free publications are launched – Timiş Expres and Arad Expres
The biggest regional daily paper of western Romania is purchased, called Adevărul de Arad
The aim of the company is to develop in a way that makes possible a good relationship with the employees, business partners and with the environment in which it works.

– 2006

The Publi Tim is purchased, which is the biggest classified and display advertisement weekly paper in the western country.

– 2010

The Agenda is purchased, which is the biggest general information and entertainment weekly paper in the western country.

– 2014

Rebranding: everything is changed to Russmedia.

– 2017

The printed division is taken over by Media Development Management Kft. and it becomes Inform Media Press.

Communication, transparency

We perform our activities in large offices, more precisely in large spaces, without any walls or closed doors, and this way we believe we can make communication easier between the departments. The employees have access to and are encouraged to use the internal telephone network and the intranet. The purpose of the internal magazine, called Împreună, is to reflect the activity and success of the IM departments and of the employees. IM offers transparency to the outside world too. Everybody can see through the glass walls and can get a clue of the ongoing meetings.

Efficient activity

The employees have mobile phones, the head of departments and the assistants have laptops and everybody has Internet access. During our activity we focus on our client. For us, the client means the future or the potential reader, subscriber etc. For maximum efficiency, we use foreign know how and the experience of our Hungarian colleagues, and the use of the synergies has become an extremely important issue.