The Timiş Online (www.tion.ro) is the most read news portal in the western country. Launched in 2003, the Timiș Online was the first news site of Timișoara and a pioneer in the past 14 years. With an average of 35.000 readers per day and about 60.000 fans on Facebook, the Timiş Online has got permanent audience formed of faithful readers, therefore in a study created by the Timișoara European Cultural Capital Association it was chosen the most influential portal of the area.

In the past years, the editorial staff of the tion.ro tried to get close to the readers by launching some success campaigns.

Daniela Cărmăzan

Sales consultant

Phone: 0720–400–351

E-mail: daniela.carmazan@informmedia.ro

Soriana Chirică

Sales consultant

Phone: 0720–400–411

E-mail: soriana.chirica@informmedia.ro

Diana Forfiz

Sales consultant

Phone: 0720–400–455

E-mail: diana.forfiz@informmedia.ro

Florentina Obreja

Sales consultant

Phone: 0720–400–421

E-mail: florentina.obreja@informmedia.ro