Jurnal Bihorean

The Jurnal Bihorean appeared in Oradea in 1993 and it is a daily Romanian language newspaper, in leading position on the market of written local press and its name is well-known in Oradea and Bihor county.

It is published on a daily basis: from Monday to Friday and it has got 12, 14 and 16 pages. It has got a complex content aimed at the problems of the community: local news, national and international, of general interest, pages dedicated to socio-economic areas (health, education, news, local events, sports), classified and display advertising, competitions with prizes for the subscribers.

It is a place where public opinion can be expressed by reader’s letter, opinion polls and photos from the readers.

It is distributed up to 90% by our own distribution network, by the Romanian Post and at dissemination points, it is put each morning directly into the mailboxes of the subscribers!

The Jurnal Bihorean is politically and economically free, it is remarkable for being unbiased.

We are present on the market as a media product and as an active partner of cultural, marketing and business events of our county. We are always implied in the problems of the community, we are present at all the important events as a media partner. We support the cultural, economic and sports initiatives of general interest.

Our clients can take advantage of all the experience we have gained over the past 25 years. Through thematic, personalized pages, additions, journalism and marketing assistance, we promote client image as much as possible, and this way their message can reach our readers directly.

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Andrada Buhaş

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