Bihari Napló

The Bihari Napló appeared in 1990, right after the revolution, it was continuously growing and it took deep roots in the Hungarian community of Oradea and Bihar county. The Bihari Napló is a Hungarian language daily paper, which has the highest print run in Bihor county and which informs the citizens of the region and provides the possibility for them to express their opinion and it is not related to any organizations or political parties. The daily paper appears five times a week, from Monday to Friday, and it has 12-16-20 pages. Friday the readers of this paper get an addition to the paper with TV guides, this time it colorful. Periodically, the newspaper contains thematic and colorful additions from many areas.

The paper includes all the areas of general interest via the local news, national and international, pages dedicated to socio-economic areas (health, education, news, local events, sports), many up-to-date classified and display advertising.

Due to its high print run the advertising costs are rather reasonable and the price includes the model (design) too, translation from/into Hungarian language, printing and distribution. For the advertisements of Bihari Napló the audience is assured and it provides the largest market share of potential clients obtained from printed media in Bihor county.

Sales director:

Andrada Buhaş

Phone: 0728–116–455


Advertising agent:

Lukács Juliana

Phone: 0720–220–372


Mirela Todinca

Phone: 0724–175–515


Boruzs István

Phone: 0720–220–375


Tarpai Etelka

Phone: 0721–221–160


Dan Ille

Phone: 0720–400–406


Classified advertising: 0359/409–541


Advertising: 0728–116–455