Jurnal Arădean

The clients of the Jurnal Arădean can benefit a lot from the experience of the staff from the point of view of editorial professionalism and promotion and marketing solutions.

Through thematic, personalized pages, additions, journalism and marketing assistance, it can promote client image as much as possible, and this way their message can reach the newspaper readers directly.

Besides the classical promotion forms, we create thematic magazines too (tourism, health, car, etc.), which make possible for the companies to present their products and special offers.

Contact data: Jurnal Arădean

Address: Arad, Bulevardul Revoluţiei, nr. 62, ap. 22, jud. Arad.
RO20201084, J5/1113/2012

Editor in chief::

Adriana Barbu

Phone: 0720–400–396

E-mail: adriana.barbu@informmedia.ro

Product manager:

Cristian Sulințan

Phone: 0720–400–350

E-mail: cristian.sulintan@informmedia.ro 

Phone: 0257/212–032

Head of department of subscription distribution:

Adriana Barbu
E-mail: adriana.barbu@informmedia.ro

Phone: 0720–400–396

Secretary: 0257/212–090

Fax: 0257/212–012

Feel free to contact us by e-mail to: redactia.jurnalaradean@informmedia.ro